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maandag 7 januari 2013

Work in progres.

It is time to show You my work in progres. It will be a RAG Bag. What that means. Well it looks rough quilted an not so precise as I normaly use to work, but I believe it is good for me to try that.

I took a piece of jeans, than grab some stripes of different scraps of fabric. I used greens, blues and yellows. Dropped about 2 till 3 layers over the jeans.

Than I put my lovely gray Dupion Silk over the whole and pinned it together. It is a good idea to first make the drawing from the pattern on the silk, for what ever You want to make. Now it is time to make different lines close to each oter. Circels are fine too.

After You are happy with your design it is time to cut in between the lines with a very sharp little scissor. Be careful not to cut into the last fabric, or You will have a hole. If You like it very rough, than You need to wash the piece now. Which I did. Than more sewing on the machine. This time a square pattern. I made mine a little too small, because it is difficult to cut them open, but hey it is my first ragpiece.

So cutting near 2 sewing lines from the squares, after cutting them open You need to sew the corners down with a matching tread. It is a lot of work but I like the outcome although it will take an other day or 2 before that is finished.
If You like to learn more about Rag Quilts, here is a video on Youtube

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like something I would like trying: )

  2. I like this technique: it's an interesting fabric. What are you planning to make with yours or will you simply finish it as a wall hanging? It would make a great handbag, don't you think? Did you hate cutting into the silk?

    Found your blog through the Quilt Con linky party. I hope we get a chance to meet in Austin.

    1. Hi Mary, nice that You found my blog. Yes it will be a handbag I still need to work the sides. In the meantime I got a beautiful velvet set and are making a quilt.Iwant to finish this first before I make the sides of the bag. I will have a look at your blog to.and btw Austin is very far from here. But who knows???

  3. Very neat! Nice to find your blog and I hope to get the chance to meet you at QuiltCon!