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zondag 6 januari 2013

Exiting today

I was visited by a cousin of mine "Henk" which I have not seen for almost   40 years. The interesting was, that he was an avid collector of everything our family is concerned and is seeking to our family tree. The first date of our family history only went back to 1661.

Really beautifully done, with handwritten documents which he had collected in years. He could really tell us much about uncles aunts and cousins. What I myself liked the best to find out, that they were weavers. So my feeling for textiles might therefore be explained. We were very pleased with his visit and also for his charming wife to know. We will try to visit each other more and not wait for an other 40 years!!!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love family history! that is so cool that you were able to learn more about your family! Of course, at the same time, sometimes it isn't so much fun. I found out that we had thieves, cheaters, and other shadey characters on my dad's side of the family tree. LOLz working on finding out some colorful history on my mom's side now! :D

  2. That is nice, maybe I get to meet them someday.