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zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Homage to Charlie Rivel (the world famous clown)

A while ago, Dieter made a small sculpture of Charlie Rivel, after a picture he received from our daughter. He liked it so much. Dieter worked with him in Lorry Variete in Copenhagen in the 1960th. and they went fishing together at the lake.

There is a lot of material to find about this great clown on the internet. He was born in Katalunia in Spain 1896 under the name José Andreo Rivel. After he met Charly Chaplin he changed his name to Charlie Rivel.
In 1931 in Berlin on a whim the exclamation ACROBAT SCHÖÖÖN ! His trademark for decades. However, his words "A bridge a small bridge" and his heart-rending cry remained in the public memory. He died in 1983.
Mr. Wolfgang H WṎGERER from Vienna Austria wrote about this at Wikepedia.
After Dieter finished the sculpture of Charlie, he made an other one of Bonny West our daughter and now the two of them are on the next picture.

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