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vrijdag 15 november 2013

I am so exited

I am so busy with my new digital art, that I hardly find time to write my blog. Because my husband gets all interested too and don"t know anything about computers, but has great ideas he want to accomplish and so it is up to me ofcourse to work things out. So we made an agreement, one day I will work some Art for him and the next day My computer and Photoshop is all mine!! It works, well almost sometimes he says But that You can do soooo easy!!! And I am lost again with his wishes. I should know by now after all we are working and loving each other for 50 years and so far nothing has changed. I cant help it.
So here is a photo from Dieters Art, which I made ofcourse.

Dieters idea
And this one is mine. We both wanted to do something with our pretty netsuke.
my idea
One day there was a big storm and the boats of the fishermen broke down. Then the fishes came to the fisherman and let them sit on top of them and brought them safely to the shore, to say thanks for their good behavior.
I think this is a nice story.

All my digital art is for sale, printed on archival paper. If You are interested please let m know and I will get in contact with You.

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    1. Thank You Nathaly it is not always easy, BUT MOSTLY it is Fun.

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