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dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

My latest Artwork

I would love to write like Jude Hill a woman blogger who loves cloth like I do and than I mean fabric of all sorts. The soft shine of silk or the warmth of a velvet. I allways come in a happy mood if I touch my bits and pieces.
I'm not sure yet, but it looks like I have to give up my nice studio upstairs, someone wants to hire it and if that works out, than I have to move downstairs again. It is not too bad as most of the time I am working in the living room anyway it is nice and cosy to be near to my hubby. This week I am helping my friend Johnn he is a couturier and somedays if he has too much to do I help him making some seems in beautiful couture dresses, so all hand work. With some classic music on the background it is a very good feeling working together.

My latest art work is digital photograph I try to make a few prints from them if they are good enough. We"ll see.

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