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woensdag 9 oktober 2013

A walk around the rocks

An other easy day, We went for a nice walk around the castle, climing some rocks,but there are many people going that way so it is very secure. 

There we first saw three cormorans, sitting on big rocks in the see enjoying the weather.

 I took some pictures, but I see now they are not so perfect, so I leave them small. Then a little further on. A man went into the see with a lot of material, like scuba bottles and a underwater camera.

 Dieter asked him what he was going to do and he said those cormerans are very selden here and I would like to take pictures of them under water. Well I hope he was lucky, because those birds never left their rock. 
After we found a place in the shade (because yesterday we had tooooo much sun) we took our pensils and blocks to make some paintings. 

A drwaing in my small journal
Today we wanted to have our lunch in the hotel but we missed it. To night we will have dinner with a friend from us, she lives here for 40 years, is Duch and has a kapsalon her name is Lucy and we invited her to La Campana, our famous chicken place. Tomorrow we will visit one of the worlds most beautiful cities Barcelona.
By the way it is now 4 o'clock in the afternoon and very warm outside about 26 C or 82 F and that in october.

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    1. Hi Val thank you very much for your comment, I could not find any blog of You. Do You write??

  2. I like reading your little updates :)

    1. Thank You, it is realy becoming a travel journal isn't it. Love You