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dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

How lazy can You be?

Yesterday we had such a beautiful but tiring day, that we made a very lazy day to day. On the beautiful beach of Lloret de Mar. We got our folding chairs, put them close to the water. Our watercolor and block. Dieter painted the castle in large, I painted it smaller.
Dieter at work
Than I tried to draw some people on the beach, but that is very difficult, they move so fast. But here are some impressions.
From my small journal
The water is beautiful fresh but nice to swim and so clean. The beach here has very little stones so if You get up it is easy to get clean again as You can wipe them off.

While I was laying on my belly elbows in the sand, hands under my chin, I only could see the shade of myself on the sand and I thought: There are You, no age!  You could be 10 20 50 70 it does not matter as long as You know life is beatiful.

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