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dinsdag 29 april 2014

I'am very satisfied

Not writing much lately, but whow I was working a lot last month. First I did some silkpainting to make a large kind of balloon, which is working very nice in the wind and for the next weekend Dieter my hubby and I will be showing our art at the castle Aerwinkel not far from here. Dieter will show 3 of his Faces made from wood. 
One of Dieters Art pieces.

And I made one on canvas printed tree designed from my textile art and that will hang in a very interesting large tree in the park.
Silk Art by Coby Lange

Then I got a nice letter from KC61 a group of very good artist and I am accepted in the group which is great. They too will have an exhibition  soon, but this time not yet with work from me, so I hope to be invited next time. I wil write about the artist from this group after their exhibition.
Yesterday I finished my latest artwork contemporary textile. I started in februar and did a lot of stitching. First I made a pattern from a landscape and than I worked small pieces all hand made and stitched them from top (sky) to bottom together. I am very pleased with it, as mostly I work very secure and precise. This time I wanted to work more freely. I took a workshop from Jude Hill, she workes a lot with raw edges and I tried to put this work a little into my piece.
Handmade and stitched contemporary textile art by Coby Lange

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It all looks beautiful!
    Good luck this weekend!

  2. Your art work and your husband's are beautiful!

    1. Thank You very much Ann, I love your paperwork too it is lovely and beautiful and I know it must be a lot of work. Thank You again for your comment. greetings from the netherlands