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zondag 13 juli 2014

So much has happened

I hardly know where to start. So much has happened in the last 2 month. So here I go. First there was this "Proef de Lente, what means somthing like Taste the Spring, that was in Mai in the cardens of the Castle Aerwinkel. We had a very good time there. About 12 Artist showed their work and on top of that we had many stands, with interesting artifacts to sell.
Faces in between trees.
collection of fearthers in a tree
Me myself was walking through the garden in a handpainted outfit, wearing a big blue wig and carying my handpainted balloon. I was successful, especially the kids loved it, and I was surprized how careful and softly they touched the silk and played with the balloon in the wind. Lovely.
I had pickt out a very old tree to show off my other art work. Like a large quilted bird and a Canvas tree which I had made from 16 prints printed on canvas and bind them together. I was lucky that Dieter helped me on a large ladder,  to fix this work strongly in the tree.
Me with my Quiltbird and Canvas Tree
Dieter himself showed two of his large wooden sculptures, one at the entrance and an other one near a pond, and flowering scrubs, which looked great.
Wooden sculpture by Dieter Lange (Marlene Dietrich)
The weather was fine not too cold just a little windy. Many visiters came to this event.
This is it for today. I will surely write more this upcoming week. Because I am busy with some interesting stuff.

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