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maandag 12 januari 2015

What will be next?

I brought in some leaves in november. This beautiful colors which only autumn can give. I read about dyeing with leaves fallen from the trees and I like to give it a try. I have put them in a book to flatten them a little. Next I will put them into some silks I still have in my stash and steam them for one hour. I can't wait to see if I am lucky and get some results.
Than in the week of Xmas I had together with 6 artist an exhibition in the Gallery Trividha, that is in a Dutch Windmill, so very special and the show was opened by the Mayor. The participants of the expo:

Hugo Nelissen with Glasart 

Huub Rouschen with Paintings

Arjen Bakermans with Sculptures

Toni Bauer with Marbel sculptures 

Clementine Houben with Airbruch

Marleen Hansen with Paintings  Marleen is also the owner of the gallery.

Coby Lange, that is me, with Textile Art

Here some pictures
Mayor of Roerdalen at the opening
Marleen left and myself right.

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