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zondag 17 mei 2015

Brand new atelier

What to write, so many things happened since last time. Everytime I think,"oh that's what I need to write about, but life goes so fast, the next thing is happened. So now I hope to find some easy time and start working in my brand new atelier.
After renting away our space, for many years, our studio is ours again. We did a lot of cleaning painting the walls and now since one week we are open three days a week to the public.

We had a nice opening day and three of my friends from KC61 are here in the gallery showing art until end of May.
There is Raymonde Sampers with paintings
Evelien Wink with paintings on wood and Resin Art.
Liliane Rempakis Art Papier-maché with her lovely Lounge Ladies
Dieter Lange my hubby with paintings and wood sculptures.

Me, myself just show some necklages, recycled handbags and textile art, like my small pictures from our city Roermond and Landscapes.
I'm also painting on silk and sewing in the shop as I am working on large textile art pieces for a show in September. Our citygarden is sooo very beautiful, all the rhodondendrons and azalea's are in full bloom and the roses spread their enchanting fragance. This is a wonderful spring!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks beautiful!
    Have fun in your newly reclaimed space!

  2. Dear Coby... thank you that I can exhibit in your beautiful galerie/studio. It's a pleasure and joy to watch you at work ....and I love the results. ..like your beautiful silk scarfs.

    1. Dear Liliane, Thank You very much to send me a comment on my blog. I appreciate it very much. It is so nice to have such a lovely lady as compagny in my studio.