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dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

Working a lot on "FREEDOM"

Since the opening of our Galery I have been very busy. After Raymonde Sampers paintings were gone back to her, we filled the room with textile art from myself. The small pieces on the walls with nice lightning and my large "Stadhuis" piece in the window. The little pond here is now sold to a nice lady from Germany
"Vijver" made with handpainted silks and tread
In the mean time I finished a lovely babyquilt for a little girl and it is now in the USA

babyquilt for kayleeanne
But the most important work I am doing is preparing for an exhibition in September with my friends from KC61 The theme is "Vrijheid" and I will make 2 large pieces for this show. One is finished but I have not made a picture from it yet, just the working progess

This is the start of my first piece called Vrijheid and is made from silk stuffed with fiberfill 
After that I wrote the name vrijheid and sew it on a large frame from the back,
not easy I must say. I painted the letters red white and blue. Then I will hang it on silk tread.
To say:Freedom hangs by a thread.
OMG I started the Berlin Wall That is a very difficult task, but I love it. The word peace I made first with a computer program, then painted in on silk cut it out and sew it down. Names, dates and faces followed. A white dove not to be missed. The picture here just shows the start and I am now almost finished with it . I put a large hole on the side to look through at East Berlin. At the end of August it must be finished and I will surely put it here on my blog. At the moment it gets a lot of attention from people walking in the galery and they come back to see the progress, so that is nice.

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